Acpi acer windows 7 download

ACPI\MSFT0101 there is any driver that can install this?

Hi, @shin18 :


Unfortunately, there is no W7 32 bit driver for that device.


If you switch to W7 64 bit, there install this hotfix.  It is only good for W7 64 bit.


Now...if you have to run W7 32 bit, check your PC's BIOS and see if there is a setting to turn off the Trusted Platform Module (TPM).


Unless you are running W7 Ultimate or Enterprise, that device has no value. 


It is only used for supporting Bitlocker on the W8.1 and W10 operating systems.


Only the W7 Ultimate and Enterprise versions support Bitlocker.


If you can't turn it off in the BIOS, and you can't install W7 64 bit, then you can just ignore the uninstalled device, now that you know what it is for.



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Acpi acer windows 7 download