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GIMP is an image manipulation program that is available and supported on most modern platforms, including Linux, Windows, and OS X. With a diverse range of tools and plug-ins, GIMP is an excellent choice of image manipulation programs for all types of work.

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GIMP, or GNU Image Manipulation Program is a free open-source graphics program that has been compared to Adobe Photoshop for its high quality and flexibility. GIMP is fit for Photographers, Graphic Designers, Artists, and anyone in-between. GIMP has a fully customizable layout as well as the ability to add any 3rd party plugins to better customize your user experience to best fit your needs. GIMP contains many great editing options from simple filters like gaussian blur to more advanced features like the curves tool and the healing tool.

GIMP&#;s flexible layout allows for full customization. One can detach or attach panels, keep editing tools in locked panels or in floating windows that can be freely moved around. As well as the layout personalization, one can choose to make their tool icons colored or black and white. GIMP also offers a dark mode or light mode. Additionally, GIMP can convert file types and image formats, meaning one can switch between jpg and png within seconds.

GIMP is an excellent program for anyone looking to step foot into the creative realm of graphic designing and art. The adjustable brush features make for crisp, smooth brush strokes fit for anyone looking to detail either an artwork or add an outline to a graphic. Because GIMP processes most all file types, it is easy to add transparent backgrounds and high quality designs that can used as brand logos and even printed on t-shirts.

For photographers, GIMP offers a wide array of tools fit for the best editing options, from curve adjustments, hue and saturation sliders, color correction and cropping tools. For people who enjoy a bit of photoshopping, GIMP allows seamless editing through fluent use of the selection tool and unlimited amounts of layers. Each layer can be set to a layer mode and can be set to a mask for even more control.

For artists, GIMP provides freedom in brush customization. Many people provide downloadable brush backs online for the aspiring artist to have many choices outside of GIMP&#;s built in features. GIMP can also be used to make brushes of one&#;s own desire. GIMP has a vibrant color wheel and great color picking features for the best and most vibrant digital paintings.

Currently, GIMP is loaded with great features that are suitable for many different types of creative users, and continues to improve, letting out new updates every few months with either bug fixes or new features. The application has an active user base that continues to enjoy and provide enrichment and improvements to the program.

GIMP has many other features, such as cropping, noise reduction, color adjustments, gradients, layer modes, artistic filters, and multiple useful selection tools. It is fully possible to download 3rd party plugins to have features which are not currently implemented in GIMP. Many people have created online classes and tutorials about how to use GIMP to do creative things. There are countless YouTube tutorials about creating fake snow or simply making a photograph vibrant, eye catching, and pretty. GIMP makes the program easy to use for any beginners and even for professionals alike.

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Download gimp windows 10